Covetown is the starting point for the Secret in the Mountains D&D adventure. It is a small village, surrounded by


forest and not far from a cove, which serves as the village's main point of contact with the world.

It is the sole human settlement on the Shawl, a block of land part surrounded by sea and part encircled by mountains. For humans, coming by sea is the only way to visit the Shawl. It survives by trading it's fine pottery with the cities whose traders call at the cove and the landing of a ship is a cause for great celebration. There is also some livestock kept along with a few patches of crops. Strangely enough, the people of Covetown rarely enter into the country around. The town is not very old - it foundation came when shipwrecked traders found a rich vein of clay. This is taken from the bed of a river which runs by the town's wall. The town itself is on a slight hillock with high plank fencing.

Covetown Village

The town has a warden, a leader elected from and by the heads of the town's most powerful families. In addition to the kilns and potters workshops, the only other prominent building is the trader's hostel where travellers may stay over.

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